Gaza: Enduring the Siege

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15 min documentary film / 4K UHD 16:9 Stereo

"Gaza: Enduring the Siege" takes us into the streets and hospitals of Gaza. Here you will witness firsthand the daily realities of health under the blockade: A ecting water, health care, food and waste management. Filmed in Gaza City in January and February 2016, the audience will meet a variety of local Gazan’s from doctors, nurses, street vendors, water workers, waste pickers and children to learn what is life like behind Israel’s massive wall surrounding Gaza. With three wars over eight years, Gaza su ers from an ongoing 11-year blockade by Israel and an authoritarian Hamas government. Gaza City is a zone of major tension and daily life for the residents is extremely di cult. Public employees, whether it be doctors in the large hospitals or waste management supervisors in the garbage dump-are almost all without pay, many now going on over seven years. And yet despite this, basic public services continue with the tremendous e orts of people trying to keep the city functioning. Extraordinary citizens trying to keep others alive and healthy. Whether it be by making sure the water is clean and functioning to dealing with the waste, or ensuring that the hospital emergency rooms have power. For the last few years entering Gaza has become very difficult.

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